Philosophy, Ontology, and Impact on Society

OK, as part of the Research Methods module, I’m watching the introductory lecture on BlackBoard, and I must say that it’s a wealth of information. I wish I had happened upon this video when I first started the program, it would have been really helpful for framing a context in which to understand University of Leicester and its philosophical positions, especially as related to research.

Honestly, I had never actually considered that doing research was a productive means to achieve other ends, including transferable skills that would enhance one’s marketability in competitive job markets, but that would also make one better at working in dynamic environments in which analytical skills are valued at a premium. Now, I’m not so into the philosophical stuff of epistemology and ontology (positively speaking), but I absolutely love the fact that the university encourages us to understand ourselves and our relative positions in society and the university, with thhe idea that having a better sense of self will allow one to make more meaningful contributions on various levels. This actually gives me a sense of relief as I approach the dissertation, as I’ve heard horror stories from friends who have had knock down, drag out battles with dissertation supervisors at other universities because of differences in philosophical position.

Having said that, I’m still nervous about this whole dissertation thing – I mean, it is a rather significant undertaking, and all. However, I think that as long as I plan well and stay consistent with doing the research, this could be a wonderful experience – especially if my work has an impact that reaches beyond the bounds of academia and impacts the local SME sector. I’d be thrilled.

Anyway, before I get too far ahead of myself, there is still that matter of preparing for the Corporate Finance exam.

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