Countdown to FRM Exam Day

Tick….tick….tick….the countdown to exam day is officially underway with one week remaining. I’m trying not to stress out, but that ADD thing gets a little out of control sometimes.


Attention deficit issues aside, I am trying to be strategic in my approach. I realize that trying to read the 400 page tome masquerading as a course book is not realistic at this point. However, I have had a look at the past papers for this exam, and I think I have identified a pattern that will allow me to strategically focus more on some concepts, and a little less on others. It seems that there are only 2 or 3 calculation types I need to be prepared for: Black-Scholes, binomial option pricing, and forward/futures pricing. I’ll skim the corresponding chapters, find videos online that demonstrate how to solve those calculations in a step-by-step fashion, and then practice solving them tomorrow (Saturday).


If that goes well, I’ll spend the next 2 days writing out definitions and theories related to options trading strategies. Theoretically, that should allow me Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to write all of the past papers. If that goes according to plan, maybe I will spend Friday re-watching the pricing strategy videos, but I won’t crack the course book or review any past papers at all. By Friday, either I know, or I don’t know – and if there’s something I don’t know by Friday, I’m not likely to learn in by 10am on Saturday, so no point stressing that close to the exam. I’ll probably go to the gym and deadlift and squat my brains out just to make sure I’m too exhausted to open my book.


I’ll keep you posted on my progress.


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