Are We in Kansas Yet, Toto?

Well now…that wasn’t so bad after all. The FRM exam was tough, but not unreasonable. Actually, I felt like an idiot when I received the exam paper, as roughly 90% of the information I’d spent two days cramming did not appear on the exam. I guess we could say that my risk management strategy was wildly speculative. I gambled that my past paper review would be helpful for taking this exam, and I lost.


However, that being said, the exam was doable. I certainly didn’t get an ‘A’ on this one. However, all isn’t lost. It wasn’t a fail…I’m guessing I’ll get a low ‘B’ or a ‘C’…and at this point, I’m good with that. I’m in the downhill portion of this MSc race, and with the dissertation starting in a few days, I’m simply looking forward to doing some interesting research and earning my degree. As long as I get the degree, I won’t worry much about my marks. Besides, I’ve got a good average (I think I’ve gotten a bunch of B’s, one A, and one C), so hopefully I’ll be able to get accepted to Leicester’s PhD program next year. I’m probably going to take a year away from studies and relax a bit before applying to the program. I’m thinking about trying to do something with entrepreneurship, but I haven’t yet decided on a specific research focus.


OK, that’s a bit premature. Right now, I’ve got to handle the FM paper that’s due in a few days. I haven’t actually started working on it yet, but I did just download about 40 articles for the literature review. I’m hoping I don’t have to actually read all of them to get the evidence I need to support the data. I guess now would be a good time to put on a pot of coffee.


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