More Murphy’s Law Mayhem

Murphy’s Law is at it again, ruining my (not-so) well planned scheme to submit my FM paper.


The paper itself is a bit confusing, as it requires a literature review and data analysis. On the surface, that wouldn’t seem to be much of an issue, but I can tell just by a cursory glance at the data that the literature review might not support the assumptions of the data. Therein lies part of the problem. Sure, I know that part of the problem is my time management (or lack thereof) and that I should have started working on this long ago if I wanted to acquit myself well on this assignment. However, at this point, since all I need to do is pass the class, I’m not so worried about doing a great job on the assignment. In fact, since I don’t actually need to pass this class in order to graduate, I should probably stop stressing myself out.

On the other hand, my ambition isn’t set up that way; I’ve never been the minimum requirements type. Things would be a lot less stressful right now if I could navigate the data analysis. However, I just discovered that the SPSS software I downloaded through the library requires a license key, which would be impossible to get before the assignment due date tomorrow. A quick Google search turned up an open source imitation called PSPP, but it’s clunky, unintuitive, and seems ill-equipped to handle the 300-observation data set required for the assignment. I can’t get the data imported, and it seems that the labels are going to be problematic. I could get some basic descriptive statistics for the data set from Excel, but I’m not sure how I would accomplish regression analysis that way.  Let’s hope I come up with an alternative fast, before I end up trying to draw charts by hand.


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