Coming Down the Home Stretch



Time continues to move, and I continue to inch closer to the finish line. I’m finding the focus to make progress with my dissertation, despite the communication issues I’m having with my supervisor. Honestly, doing the literature review has energized me. I’m rediscovering my passion for finance and my dissertation, and I’m once again optimistic about the future.


During the worst part of my depression, I was actually thinking about quitting the program and taking a PgD as an exit qualification. However, I’m glad I didn’t do that, as writing the dissertation is an exercise that has allowed me to do a fair bit of reflection on my journey and determine what viable options might be available for me in the future. I’ve decided that, largely in dedication to my late parents, I will pursue both a PhD and the CFA in order to establish myself as an expert in the field and hopefully one day contribute something to the field of finance that has a far reaching social impact. I’ve started looking at alternative financing models that could be used for social enterprises, and I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to create one that will be at least as impactful as the microfinance model delivered by Grameen Bank.


OK…I’ve digressed enough….back to reading this stack of articles for my literature review. The finish line is in sight.


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Hi, I'm Ismail. I'm an American living abroad while trying to figure out what I want to be when (if) I grow up. I love sports, particularly American football and martial arts, and when I'm not working at one of my four jobs, you will likely find me in the gym lifting really heavy stuff. I'm a distance learning MSc Finance student, and I'll be happy to share my journey with you while trying to maintain some semblance of sanity.

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