Is Law destroying the concept of family? My thoughts

When I was studying Income-tax in India, which is largely a copy of the British Law, I could not initially digest the concept that husband and wife are separate entities for the purpose of taxation; because I saw my father and mother to be inseparable partners – made for each other. The properties that my […]

My SOP on Car Driving

My SOP on Car Driving

Indicators: An efficient driving does not rest in your ability to hold the steering wheel well or your ability to handle the clutch or gears; it is about communicating with other fellow drivers on the road. Since the communication is less verbal, we communicate mostly through light signals. When you are about to change the […]

Self-proclaimed Representatives – Answerable to None

A new breed of self-proclaimed representatives, who are answerable to none are becoming a major challenge to democracy. Democratic institutions like courts are giving acceptance to them, which validate their existence. They term themselves as representing the whole humanity or a section of the society – who has given them the right to represent no one knows. They […]

Sexual Orientation: What the fuss is all about?

I have never been required to, nor did I ever feel the need to reveal (publicize) my sexual orientation. Just as all religious symbols were banned in public places (like schools) in France, the ultimate fall-out of all this drama will be a total ban on all public exhibition of love.

Pitfalls of Commercialisation

Commercialisation of any activity creates conditions whereby the providers of the service manipulate conditions to stay relevant or interesting to their clients or the public at large. This applies to so-called non-profit organisation as much as they do to commercial organisations (with profit motive). Why I used the word so-called non-profit organisations is because, even […]

Anger – good or bad?

Read a lot about the pitfalls of anger; many terming it as bad or non-desirable; no one appreciating the benefits of anger. To me, anger is an excessive energy, which has to be guided in the right direction like nuclear energy. We cannot say that nuclear energy is bad, because it can cause devastation when […]

Lessons from History

One of the purpose of learning history is to draw lessons from the mistakes of the past and not to repeat them in future. Those who haven’t learned history may think that their ideas are innovative, without having the slightest inkling that the same is a failed strategy. Another pitfall is about learning history from […]

Emotions and the Stock Exchange

Emotions are like Sensitive Index of a stock exchange; the expectation of good news makes it soar, but the expectation of bad news makes it fall. The expectations are based on indicators; the indicators can be both positive and negative during the same day. A positive indicator may bring a happy mood, but a negative […]

Relation between Research Question and Hypothesis

My friend validated my point of view that a Hypothesis is an untested answer to a Research Question. 🙂

My Understanding of a Research

1. Thinking beyond the current obsession (existing literature) i.e. looking at the picture from a different perspective is     research. 2. Creating a new classification, which is not available in the existing literature, is research. 3. Establishing a connection which is not available in the existing literature is research. 4. Attempting the same research (done by someone else), […]

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