Can’t wait for my summer holiday

The only event standing between me and a well deserved holiday is my forthcoming exams. I am eagerly looking forward to concluding my exams in flying colours and moving on to my holiday. I had initially planned to be in school for summer school but had to change my plans as i need to travel […]

My top brands and how they look on facebook

I love the nice introduction about SCB on the face book page linked to Wikipedia giving good introduction about the bank to visitors to the page. I however have my reservation about the contents which is not very wholesome, not interesting and not exciting. I was happy with the suggestion to add friends who have […]

Social Media tools

I am very conversant with facebook and a bit quiet on linked in. I have used facebook purely as a networking tool to hook up with old friends and family members, post pictures and basically check up on recent happenings with friends via the facebook chat engine. On linked in I try to ensure I […]

Exams this month! Am i prepared?????

I have exams scheduled for this month and the honest truth is that i have not adequately prepared. It dawned on me over the weekend that i have limited time for preparations if i any at all. As it is i have to start burning the midnight oil effective today July 1, 2013 in order […]

ONE – Online Networking & Employability Course – Exhilarating experience thus far!

It has been pleasurable being a part of the ONE course. I have found it very educative, enlightening and eye-opening. I have been able to go through various aspects of the first module with the following highlights; Defining your personal brand Your digital footprint – this entails you finding out what’s available online about you. […]

Can we really separate our work from our studies?

  I don’t know if anyone shares my experience? I have had to juggle following up on my studies with having to work full-time. My normal day goes thus; Get to work by 8:00am latest Set up a list of things to do – 8:30am Attend to important and pressing official issues including meetings- 8:30am- […]

Distance Learning and its challenges

I have been on this program for over 2ears and i sincerely look forward to concluding the program ASAP. I have had my fair share of frustrations and dissapointments especially with regards to feedback on assignments which at times i feel are not pleasant especially whenyou know you have put in your very best and […]

Its a brand new day here in the Nigerian financial space – FOMC Impact!

Its amazing to see how intertwined the whole financial markets are worldwide. A pronouncement somewhere in the US makes so much tremendoous impact on markets thousands of miles across the globe. The world has become one big financial market and this comes with a heavy price. Technology has gone a long way in easing the […]


I am glad to be back after a long hiatus away though not away from my studies. I had to change jobs and took me a while to settle ionto my new job with lots of added responsibilities. I have had my fair share of distant learning challenbges especially with a few assignments but i […]

It’s good to be back

Hello all, apologies for the long silence i have been on my annual vacation from work and it gave me an oportunity to review my studies at Leicester and also work on my latest assignment Module 5 and decide if i want to seat for my exams in November. Its been very restful and i […]

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