Quiet Weekend

My weekend was quiet. I delibrately chose to shut down on anything academic. I have realised that there are times when you really need to take things easy in order to be able to relax , consolidate on achivements and re-organize for the future. It is necessary to do this in order to avoid having […]

Recent happenings in the Nigerian financial markets

The Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN) as a fallout of its usual Monetary Policy Committee meeting reviewed some key Macroeconomic indicies as a means of curbing inflation and FX market volatility. The Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) of Banks was reveiwed upwards from 4% to 8% . The immediate implication being a mop -up of market liquidity […]

Lessons learned so far – four modules completed

I have sucessfully completed four modules and along the way, i have learnt a number of things; 1) Never ever procrastinate – Embark on assignments and don’t postpone anything. Write a line, a paragraph, dot an “i” or cross a “t” daily and voila! you are done. 2) Check your mails daily. You never can […]

Preparing for exams at Leicester – Distance Learning style!

Preparations for examinations take time and energy. For a full time career person like me, it could be a daunting task being able to juggle up my responsibilities at work, home and being able to cover all the course materials in readiness for exams. What i have learnt is to try as much as possible […]

Distance Studying at Leicester

It could be lonely studying from a distance but the way this course has been structured makes it easy. I work full time 8am- 5pm (5 days a week) and I am still enjoying this course. The MSc. Finance modules are interesting, the course materials user friendly, easily understandable and the student support is just […]

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