Resolution for 2017: Be an entrepreneur, or work for one

Resolution for 2017: Be an entrepreneur, or work for one

With the start of each new calendar year, millions (or hundreds of millions) of people around the world feel a renewed energy and resolve to make the new year better than the previous one. Health club memberships increase exponentially, and the first few days of the year are alive with banter about what bounties potentially […]

Here Comes Trouble: A $2 Trillion IPO

I love it when elements of my finance course show up in real life. Sometimes I have to make analogous parallels in order to apply certain theories and techniques, and other times something just falls right into my lap in textbook format. In reading about venture capital a couple of weeks ago, I was so […]

Alphabet Soup: Musings About Qualifications

Remember when there was little difference between accounting and finance as distinct disciplines? It wasn’t that long ago, right? Well, boy have times changed. I was just talking to a friend who works in London for a major fashion retailer, and as we were discussing our career paths, he commented that the whole specialized business-related […]

Brexit Backlash – London Left Out of the Loop?

The Brexit saga continues…. I’m not so interested in the political aspects of the referendum, as I’m not a big poli-sci guy, but the ramifications related to finance are significant. One of the best things about studying finance here at University of Leicester is the multi-disciplinary approach to understanding the various interactions of all of […]

The Dollars and Cents of a University Education

The Dollars and Cents of a University Education

As I see more of our University of Leicester bloggers retiring due to graduation, I wonder what expectations they have for moving on to the next phase of their careers. My general impression of UK university students is that they graduate and move on to professional careers in various fields without the same stressors that […]

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