Leicester Award Presentation

It’s amazing how something so seemingly simple can be so nerve wracking. As part of the Leicester Award, we have to do presentations that are designed to get us to reflect on the skills we targeted for further development in a professional context. Because I am a distance learning student, I wasn’t able to do […]

Ultimate Frisbee 2…

Apologies for the small hiatus! I’ll be catching up on some of my experiences double time in the next fortnight or so now that I’ve got a bit of time to share them with you.   Ok, so I left you with a bit of a teaser about Ultimate Frisbee. But what’s it all about […]

Much as the falling of the leaves signal Autumn, Zane Lowe signals the start of hard work at University

Tips for Freshers 3…

Sadly, Fresh Fair is over. Everyone is settled in, has a new group of best friends and is most likely nursing an injury/headache/hangover from the big closing party last night! Sadly, it is also now when the real work begins: Not only can you no longer use the excuse “IT’S FRESHERS” to get out of […]

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