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Personal Adivce for your Personal Statement

I know how anxious you new year 13’s must be feeling if you haven’t got this out of the way yet. We’ve all been there and luckily, I, like all other university students, am familiar with Personal Statements. So here’s the main advice that I’d give you:   Advice about the content/structure   Start with […]

Your Transportation Guide – Part 2

Welcome to the second half. If you’re new to this, just for your information, I’m writing  a 2 part blog about travelling in Leicester. The first part explained how to get to university, particularly from student accommodation. This part is about getting around, in and out of the city itself.   Train Station – Getting back […]

Your Transportation Guide Part 1 – Getting to University

Car? Bus? Walk? Cycle? How you get to the university is up to your preferences. How about I give you a breakdown of each? After all, I am a third year student so I should know my city by now. Car – Living at Oadby? Brilliant! You are able to apply for a permit to […]

What’s left for you to do?

To all those upcoming first year students, I’m sure you are eager to start your university experience. However, there is some brief information that you should know beforehand: Welcome pack – You should have received your welcome pack to give you the introductory details. Have a read through this and familiarize yourself with it. Registration […]

A level results – What’s the next step?

By now, all you 6th form students will have received your results. Whether you’re in year 12 or 13, your results will play a significant role in your future. Now, this blog is intended for students who plan to go to university. Year 12’s, what do your results mean? It can show your strongest subject. […]

What is Unitemps?

I’m sure those of you who have begun university have become familiar with Unitemps. If you’re not, let me provide some information about it.   Unitemps is a company particularly designed for students to get a job. The reason it’s popular amongst students is because it’s offers flexible hours, advertises jobs revolved around the university […]

Unpacking on arrival

It sounds so simple (and it probably is) but you must remember when moving into your new home that all your belongings will be here for the year. Plus, I bet most of you are living with flatmates which means organisation is even more important in the shared rooms. From my two years of experience […]

“Just for one day…”

Have you ever wondered what will happen to your freedom after university? I’m not talking about liberty or free will but your spare time. Maybe you’ll disagree, but for me, I can do whatever my heart desires in Leicester. No parents saying, “No Leon, you can’t do this.” If I want to go gym at […]

My first city break in Prague

Whilst at a wedding last month, my cousin came to me and said “Hey Leon, we’re (him and my other cousin) going to Prauge soon, wanna come?” And I was like, “Hell yeah!” What a great decision I made.   Prague (In Czech Republic) is a vibrant city to visit. Firstly, let me disappoint you […]

Coming home?

After 52 years of endless waiting and watching, could the trophy be on route to England? I don’t know what it is but there seems to be a real belief in the streets of England that it really is coming home.   From watching England, it’s obvious that we have a squad that is young […]

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