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Utilisiing the most of Festival Of Careers

The Festival of Careers is well  underway and today was related to the finance sector. If you study Engineering, Maths, Business, those type of subjects, I hope you attended today. If you haven’t, don’t worry! The festival is still ongoing over the course of the week. But how can you come out of the festival […]

Dealing with homesickness

Probably the most emotional subject whilst at university. For many students, you will be living away for the first time and the transition can be overwhelming. Over the years, I’ve dealt with home sickness a lot better than when I first started. But how did I deal with it?   New people, new life – For […]

Extra curricular activities for Mathematic Students

If you’re in first or second year and studying Maths. it’s best to start adding as much value to your degree as possible. This will be useful when applying for graduate schemes or internships as they can give you an edge, just like you did on your Personal Statement. Here’s what I recommend:   Sign […]

Fat Cats Bhangra Night Review

And here we go! Freshers week is in full swing, expect to see new freshers roaming around each event, every night. I love it! Makes nights out feel like a proper student night. Anyway, my first Bhangra session went pretty dam well, if it’s your kind of vibe, I definitely recommend going to the Fat […]

Personal Adivce for your Personal Statement

I know how anxious you new year 13’s must be feeling if you haven’t got this out of the way yet. We’ve all been there and luckily, I, like all other university students, am familiar with Personal Statements. So here’s the main advice that I’d give you:   Advice about the content/structure   Start with […]

Your Transportation Guide – Part 2

Welcome to the second half. If you’re new to this, just for your information, I’m writing  a 2 part blog about travelling in Leicester. The first part explained how to get to university, particularly from student accommodation. This part is about getting around, in and out of the city itself.   Train Station – Getting back […]

Your Transportation Guide Part 1 – Getting to University

Car? Bus? Walk? Cycle? How you get to the university is up to your preferences. How about I give you a breakdown of each? After all, I am a third year student so I should know my city by now. Car – Living at Oadby? Brilliant! You are able to apply for a permit to […]

What’s left for you to do?

To all those upcoming first year students, I’m sure you are eager to start your university experience. However, there is some brief information that you should know beforehand: Welcome pack – You should have received your welcome pack to give you the introductory details. Have a read through this and familiarize yourself with it. Registration […]

A level results – What’s the next step?

By now, all you 6th form students will have received your results. Whether you’re in year 12 or 13, your results will play a significant role in your future. Now, this blog is intended for students who plan to go to university. Year 12’s, what do your results mean? It can show your strongest subject. […]

What is Unitemps?

I’m sure those of you who have begun university have become familiar with Unitemps. If you’re not, let me provide some information about it.   Unitemps is a company particularly designed for students to get a job. The reason it’s popular amongst students is because it’s offers flexible hours, advertises jobs revolved around the university […]

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