Results day is a day everyone dreads. I was in for a bit of a ‘pleasant’ surprise yesterday; after one student had asked the department when results were coming out and we were told it was the week commencing 27th February, they went online on the 24th.

With results there are always rumours floating around like ‘this person got 100% in this REALLY hard module’ or, in the case of my department ‘Apparently there’s a module which more than half of the people failed.’ I’m yet to see any evidence to substantiate these rumours, but I am intrigued to find out if either of them is true. Fortunately I managed to NOT fail any this term, which is always a plus.

I know results are hardly the most interesting topic in the world, but they’re a necessary evil. It’s nice getting results earlier than people doing A Levels or GCSEs as well because it can take a massive weight off your mind.

Staying on the topic of results, we had the Inter-House Mathematical Olympiad. There were 14 questions of varying difficulty, worth 10 marks each. My house – Gauss (I had someone ask me if that was the University of Leicester equivalent of ‘Gryffindor’. Seeing as we won the house cup when I was a fresher, I’m going to say YES.) banded together and answered about 12 of the questions. Somehow we managed to get the results that same evening and we came third (out of four) ah well, life goes on!

Semester two is well and truly underway now so I had really start better thinking about making sure I pass all of my upcoming exams to a good standard, so I had better end the blog here to stop myself rambling on about nonsense! Good luck to anyone waiting on results, I know it can be very stressful!

P.S. Gauss house is named after Carl Friedrich Gauss:

He was a child prodigy/generally awesome. The fact that “Gauss” rhymes with “house” makes it all the more awesome.

P.P.S. Gauss once counted to infinity. Twice.

P.P.P.S. He kinda looks like Robin Williams, doesn’t he? Maybe they’re related.

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2 responses to “Results”

  1. Tom

    Congrats for not failing!

    Re: Gauss, he counted to infinity, and then did he divide by zero?

    In all seriousness, he Does look like Robin Williams!

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