Elections and Olympiads

Last Wednesday we had the mathematical Olympiad where we competed in our houses to answer mathematical problems as a team. I am in Euler house, and as the smallest team, we were really happy to come just 2 marks behind first place. Here is an example of one of the questions, although this one is more of a riddle in many ways.  Can anyone else have a go?
“A census-taker knocks on a door, and asks the woman inside how many

children she has and how old they are.

“I have three daughters, their ages are whole numbers, and the product of

the ages is 36,” says the mother.

“That’s not enough information,” responds the census-taker.

“I’d tell you the sum of their ages, but you’d still be stumped.”

“I wish you’d tell me something more.”

“Okay, my oldest daughter Annie likes dogs.”

What are the ages of the three daughters?”
In other news this week, everybody is talking about the executive elections. You may or may not know that the students union is run by students who take a break from their studies for a year. They are voted in by the students, and this week it’s hard to move across campus without being bombarded with flyers for various candidates. I suffered this last year for the whole week, but then discovered the way to stop it. If you vote on campus they give you ingenious ‘I’ve voted’ stickers. So here’s my tip- vote for the student elections, as it’s important to have a say in who is running your union, and vote on campus early on as soon as you’ve made up your mind about candidates.

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