I’m A Broke Student, Get Me Out Of Here!

The last week of term has just ended and spring is well and truly upon us. I’ve already heard people saying stuff like “Ah man, I’m a student I can’t afford hay fever medication!” – The poorness of students is like a running pseudo-joke in the sense that it’s kind of funny to say “I’m a student, I’m broke!” But at the same time some of us have been living off of our overdrafts for the past year or two (myself included). As you get to the end of term you get further and further away from when your loan came through (assuming you choose to get a loan) at the beginning of term so often have to start contemplating living on instant noodles again (I actually quite enjoy instant noodles, sweet, delicious sodium!) Not ALL students are “broke” but we do like complaining about it regardless!

I think being a Mathematician has made me inherently thrifty when it comes to going shopping. I actually cannot resist a good deal and will gladly traipse around a supermarket for an hour or so looking for bargains. I always scout out for reduced to clear sections and always feel like a bit of a vulture when I flock around one. I have this really weird system which I then incorporate with mental arithmetic to work out if I think I’m getting a good deal. My housemates have joked that I’m actually a resource when it comes to supermarkets, I think I’ve wasted far too much of my memory on prices for my own good.

As term’s over I’ve come back home because I know how much my parents have missed me *cough cough* and because I haven’t seen some of my friends from back home for an age. I might pop back up to Leicester for a week during the holidays if I’m feeling rich, which doesn’t happen often these days. It’s odd, when I’m back at home I still have this whole frugal student-y shopping mentality even if my parents are cooking for me and I don’t need to worry about feeding myself; but considering I managed to buy 12 mini muffins in a reduced to clear section for 28 pence yesterday, I can hardly complain.

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