Holidays begin

It’s weird how quiet university gets when it’s the holidays. I was staying around Leicester for a few days before going home, and was around the campus quite a bit to use the library and also the new gym, which I am still very excited about. It’s really odd to be able to walk around without spotting anyone you know, and to be able to walk across the middle of the park without getting in the way of a sports team.  There are of course, postgraduate students and teaching staff around, so it’s not quite a ghost town, but the busy noise of undergraduates is still quite obviously missed. I’ll be looking forward to the start of term, when everywhere’s so busy and it’s much more difficult to get some peace and quiet- but much easier to meet with friends for a chat between lectures. Not that I’ve really missed out on my social life too much. I’ve been taking advantage of the lack of lectures to go out for shopping, and last Sunday for dessert. The Dry Dock, one of the most popular student pubs, does the most amazing fudge cake (in the biggest slices you can imagine) and who needs a whole meal, when you can just get pudding?


However, the quiet campus has made using the gym really lovely.We have very recently acquired what used to be the private gym next door, and I’ve been loving the swimming pool and even a jacuzzi and sauna. I was the only person in the pool the other day, and I could get used to the idea of having my own pool.  I haven’t been swimming in so long, I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed it, I’m just hoping that it won’t get so busy when the rest of the students arrive back from their holidays.


I’m also looking forward to my own holiday. I’m heading off to Scotland for a week with my parents, and can’t wait for a bit of mountain air and relaxation before the long task of revision awaits.

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