Pizza, waiting for builders and yet more revision

I will do my very best to not make this yet another blog about revision, so therefore I’m going to talk about the fun things I’ve been doing the last couple of weeks. The problem with exam time is that every time that you’re not revising feels a little bit like a moment wasted, and it’s a little bit all consuming. I realised the other day that I’d barely had a non mathematical conversation in a week.  Today was one of those days that felt a little bit wasted.

It was my friends birthday, so we went to pizza hut, taking advantage of their ‘happy hour’ by eating at 4 o clock in the afternoon. One advantage of being a student is being able to go to places at times when they offer discounts as everybody else is at work. It was lovely to be able to catch up with all my friends, after  the long Easter holidays and forget about work for a little while.  After leaving feeling far too full (not even enough room for ice cream!)  we left and went back home for the arduous job of waiting for the builder to fix our lock.

Luckily in halls, all maintenance issues are easily dealt with just by filling in a simple form, but in private houses, it’s a little bit more complicated. Luckily, it’s still the Landlord’s responsibility so at least we don’t have to pay, but after waiting all morning for them to supposedly arrive we finally get a call telling us they will come around at quarter past five. We wait, and wait and at last he comes at around half six and finishes the job in five minutes using no more tools than a simple screwdriver. I’m afraid this story doesn’t really lead anywhere, but at least it has a happy ending as we now have a fully functioning door that locks and closes as normal. Also, I managed to make a whole post barely mentioning work at all, although now I do need to catch up with what I should have been doing all day.

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