I’m back from my holiday, having had a great time, seen loads of people and managed to get by with absolutely no Romanian language apart from ‘thank you’, ‘yes’ and ‘Can I reserve train tickets?’. We chose to go interrailing, buying a one country ticket for all around Romania. This enabled us to get on all trains (as long as we reserved long distance journeys) and so we travelled a long way, going to the mountains, castles and beautiful medieval towns in Transylvania, the busy capital city of Bucharest, the quiet beach towns around the black sea, and finally the Hungarian style town of Timisoara, where the Romanian revolution of 1989 started.

It was great to see a country so different from England and there were so many interesting buildings, from the enormous palace of the parliament, one of the largest buildings in the world, to the many tiny churches scattered around towns and cities. The great thing about interrailing is that they offer specially priced tickets to under 25s, so if you’re a student it’s the perfect chance to travel, whether it’s around one country as we did, or the pass that allows you to go all around Europe. We loved the chance to see Romania in quite a bit of depth. I loved the mountains, where we went bear tracking (sadly, we didn’t see one though) and got beautiful views from the top of the mountains, with nobody else and no buildings in sight. I also loved visiting the cities and finding out more about the fascinating recent history of Romania. The highlight for me of Bucharest was going to the Romanian national opera to see Rigoletto. The tickets were just £2 each, so a perfect way to see an art form, which I’d always dismissed as a bit posh and expensive.

Now I’m back, I’m looking forward to spending the last couple of weeks in Leicester seeing friends and enjoying myself before results and graduation awaits in just a couple of weeks time.


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