I’m a survivor!

It’s official… I did survive! At first I was very afraid and quite petrified, thought I could not live without a clean shower and double mattress in my life. I am referring of course to the week I just spent camping. For most people, the prospect of living and breathing outdoors for more than a few hours in a park is a dire one. This time, I was one of the majority and spent Sunday night almost in tears at what lay in the week ahead. The week of camping was the first week of my summer job as a Team Leader working with 16 and 17 year olds on a project and residential stay.

Monday morning came around and before I knew it, I was standing there outside a coach ready for my voyage into the unknown. You might be thinking about now that I am a drama queen but I can assure you, I did not feel like a queen stepping into my insect-ridden tent! It was at this point I decided that if I survived second year with all my academic and extra-curricular commitments, sleeping and showering with six-legged invertebrates would be as easy as pi (the irrational number, not the sweet treat).

That’s the thing about university, from the moment you collect your keys for your new room on your very first night, the adventure begins. Time and time again, you are put out of your comfort zone and as a student, must learn to adapt to new situations even if you don’t really want to be there because that’s what growing up and becoming independent is about. As a person who loves cleaning and luxuries, the week was difficult but knowing that I was doing it to help my future, the challenges lessened and the passion heightened. When you get to university or even before whilst studying for exams, there will undoubtedly be moments where you are struggling. Just take a moment to consider the bigger picture and where you want to be, then it doesn’t all seem so bad.

As it turns out, I had an amazing time. Despite the numerous cuts and bruises and insect bites, I did things way out of my usual activities league and learnt so much about the limits I can push myself too physically, as well as emotionally. Really thrilled I got to try rock climbing and archery as when you study a very academic course, it is wonderful to get out there and experience the world and ultimately see the outdoors in all its beauty and simplicity.

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