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So coming to the end of our second week back and first week of lectures and classes, rather than reflecting on what I have done the past fortnight, I’m going to ‘think outside the box’ and look to what lies ahead for the rest of the semester.

The first thing you will notice each year is the amount of hours spent in university or ‘contact hours’ drops dramatically in third year. I currently have eight contact hours a week and this will most likely stay like that for the rest of the semester at least. I also had to change a few modules this week – university is really great in that (if you have a choice in modules to take) you can attend the lectures for modules you’ve chosen as well as ones you haven’t and if you find that you like one module a lot more than one you’ve picked, it is very straightforward to change it through the department.

As freshers draws to a close, it’s time again to start thinking about the other opportunities around the university that everyone can participate in. Here are just a few of them:

  • Become a Course Representative – sort of similar to a school council and you will liaise with the Student-Staff Committee in your department helping communicate any issues from both sides – I have nominated myself to be a Course Rep this year (hopefully I’ll get elected for my course)
  • Apply to do a Leicester Award – these really help build employability skills and you receive a university recognised qualification for completing whichever strand of it you choose (I’ll do a post soon about my experiences)
  • Actually attend society meetings! Societies are an amazing way of meeting people from different courses with similar interests or beliefs – they also pave a path for joining a society committee at a later date and to learn more about what societies to do for the university and Students’ Union

There’s so much to do! And probably more than one can fit into a standard A5 academic diary…

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