That time of year

So tomorrow marks the beginning of Week 7 – aaaahh! Where has the semester gone?! It’s that time of the semester again: just past halfway with lots of work to complete and deadlines in sight. The temperature has finally dropped too making wearing a coat now a necessity. For final years especially, the time is now for applying for graduate opportunities. To top all of this off, I have of course been ill this week with a bad case of flu.

But it’s fine! There is no need to stress. Firstly, the university has its own Health Centre located just off campus which is really handy for weeks like these when your illness is worthy of seeing a GP. Lecturers are also helpful if you’ve got any queries about things you’ve missed or need to catch up on – I spoke to one of mine at the end of a lecture the other day and she was really nice (and helpful!) about everything. Even if you send them an email and explain what you’ve missed or any issues you have they will most likely respond with help. In both departments I’m a student with I have found staff to be so supportive – another one of the reasons I love Leicester.

Sometimes university can be a bit full on so it’s important to sit back and relax – you don’t have to do nothing. There’s so many other things to do at university, you could take a break by going to a random society meeting that interests you (you are welcome to attend an odd meeting and not be a member) or go to the sports facilities, close your eyes and pick a fitness class to attend (and hope you didn’t pick ‘Body Attack’!) Town is not too far as well, only a bus ride away from Oadby Halls or a short walk from uni – I find that retail therapy or a film (usually on a Wednesday wahey) makes everything better.

And if all of that doesn’t make you feel better, then this will: it’s 44 days to Christmas…


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