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A conversation I overheard in the library today brought me back to this time last year. In my second year, I participated in what is called the ‘Leicester Award for Employability’, which is an award that runs within the university and helps develop skills you would need when applying for jobs and in your future career. The assessment of it centres around a blog each student doing the award has to write, where you reflect on each stage of the award. You also have to fill in ‘Units’ on each stage where you document your personal progress and evaluate targets set at the beginning of the award. If you complete the award, this will then be recognised on your degree transcript, making the opportunity even more invaluable and a great experience.

The strand I took was the ‘Leicester Award for Ambassadors’ which involved reflecting on personal and professional skills used and developed in my role as a Leicester Ambassador. It was split into three parts each focusing on a different aspect of employability skills. We did sessions on careers research, effective presentations and mock job interviews. The highlight for me was completing a mock job application and then attending a mock interview. This was really useful in providing practice for successful interview techniques. In that particular session, we also looked at applications and how employers “grade” them with different criteria. The mock interview helped me when I had a real interview for a summer job, which I was offered! The Leicester Award really is a great experience for preparing for the real world and opportunities post university.

Completing the award was a great experience and once again, such a great opportunity to do something else at university and get recognition for it!

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3 responses to “Leicester Award”

  1. Fiona

    Hi Pamela,

    Thank you for sharing your experience of the Leicester Award. I had posted about it a little while ago as a Distance Learner (unfortunately the Award is campus-based) so it is great to hear from a ‘graduate’.

    Perhaps you can share a bit more on what you left out in your first paragraph?



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