When I grow up…

‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’

This is a question not only asked of us when we were five, six or seven; it’s a question still asked of us now as university students. As a final year student, this is probably #questionoftheyear.

As an (almost) mathematician, throughout my time at university, the versatility of Maths graduates and their invaluable skills are things that we are frequently told. It is true. Using your Maths degree, you could do anything from become a weather forecaster to work for an international major banking company to performing stand up comedy on the topic of Maths (okay, perhaps the latter is not the most likely path chosen for a Maths graduate). The reason Maths graduates are so employable is because of their ability to not only analyse and calculate, but also the ability to communicate these ideas. For example, certain modules require presentations such as the Second Year module I took called ‘Business Applications of Mathematics’ where you had to apply maths to a real world problem and then present the findings in a way that is understandable to someone with perhaps a secondary school grasp of Maths.

The university has a great careers service who are really helpful. Not only is the ‘Festival of Careers’ one of the biggest University events of the year, they also provide one-to-one advice on applications/personal statements. By using the online portal too, you can access lots of opportunities and book events/appointments/sessions when needed. They also offer loads of sessions such as assessment day prep/mocks, mock interviews and talks on other university opportunities i.e. volunteering.

Whilst deciding on what you want to do after you graduate is not the be-all and end-all of university, it’s important to form an idea of what sectors you might like to go into and explore the not-so-obvious ones. I’m lucky that Maths equips you with so many different skills and qualities and makes you suited to most jobs out there. I’m not so lucky that I am very indecisive and struggle to decide what chocolate to buy when I go into a corner shop…

I came across a great website that talks all about careers and in particular, maths related ones (you’ll never guess the URL for it):


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