Oh my dates!

Just passing by with a quick number acknowledgement. As someone who loves numbers, I got excited earlier when I dated my work and noticed the date. Yes, it’s 11-12-13! This is what is called a ‘sequential date’ and will not happen again until February 2013 (which let’s be honest, I most likely won’t see). Reading the news earlier, there was a couple who got married at quarter past two aka 14:15 so of course will always remember when they got married as 11-12-13 14:15 – so romantic I know.

The way numbers fit in with the world never ceases to amaze me and I love to spot “cute” things like dates. At university, things aren’t always easy, especially when you’ve got particularly difficult modules. It’s things like rediscovering your passion that motivate you and remind you why you picked the course you did. As a final year student, good motivation techniques like this have helped to push me to work so I can do my best.

The next ‘arithmetically appealing’ date will come about in 2016, for those who get excited about funny dates, and it will be called ‘square root day’ on 04-04-16 where the number of days and months multiplied equal the year…



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