And they’re in!

Wooooohoooooo yippeeeeeeee yayyyyyy! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Just a fly-by post – this above is currently how I am feeling about life! There I was yesterday, minding my own business on the bus, only to look at my emails and see an email saying ‘your module marks are now available’. It’s always really scary getting results, whether you’re ripping open an envelope or waiting for a web page to load but after a temporary loss of 3g signal and a 45 second wait, the page finally loaded and I got to see my module marks.

I’m more than pleased/happy/delighted/absolutely ecstatic to say they were great! After a month of hard work and only half a Christmas holiday, I was pleased to see my work had paid off and I achieved better than I could ever have imagined. By third year, you really start to see the results of the hours you put in, not only during exam time, but also throughout the semester.

I’ve also had a really great few weeks, in terms of what I’ll be doing after graduation. Stay tuned to find out what my future career path is and what the universe has in store for me for the rest of this semester…

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Pamela graduated from the University of Leicester and is no longer blogging for this site. Pamela was in her third year of university, studying Mathematics with Astronomy. From learning about supermassive black holes to calculating statistical models for big firms, her course really covers anything you could ever imagine that is maths related!

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2 responses to “And they’re in!”

  1. Tasha

    Hey Pamela,

    Congrats on your results! I was really pleased with mine too!!
    Sounds like you’ve got something exciting in store… Did you do any internships or extra study/work outside of University during your degree? I feel like I’m years and years away from even starting to think of graduate jobs but time is going so fast and I only have two years now… Any advice to get a headstart?


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