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Woohoo! It’s Shrove Tuesday, aka one of my favourite days of the year and with three weeks left until we break up for Spring holidays, I can’t help but feel a mixture of emotions about my time at university and Leicester coming to an end. We passed the halfway mark in the semester last week and (for me) the two weeks coming up are of intense work with a deadline or test happening every other day. But it’s all good (in the hood?) and I’m trying to make the most of the next few weeks with my 21st birthday fast approaching – and obviously, because it’s third year, I have a test two days after. (Triple sadface)

I’ve got my plans for after graduation sorted, which is great and it’s such a good feeling to have that weight off my shoulders so I can concentrate on uni. What I really wanted to talk about though is my favourite module of the year, and perhaps of all my time at university:

Communicating Mathematics

Cue some glorified light shining on the name and I’ll launch into all the reasons I love this module (using a bullet point list because we all know mathematicians love avoiding continuous prose):

  • School placement – the main component of this module is a 30 hour placement in a local school and this is by far my favourite day of the week. I’ve really forgotten how inspiring and frankly, funny, the atmosphere of a classroom is and all the different pupils I get to interact with and (to some degree) teach
  • Written tasks – in line with my love for being the exception to the rule (where rule = social norms) I love writing! Even more so, I love intertwining numbers and words to discuss the world around us and the common portrayals of maths
  • Lectures – the lectures themselves are more school-like than university and are generally very interactive, something you don’t frequently experience when you’re having daily lectures. One lecture, we did a theatre workshop on maths in primary schools and it was definitely the single, most fun lecture I’ve ever attended
  • Special project – projects can often be quite time consuming but I’m really looking forward to reflecting on my placement and drawing together my experiences and skills I’ve developed from doing this module
  • It’s different!! – similar modules to this run in other departments too and it’s just another example of all the opportunities university has to offer…

And, (we’re getting to the juicy bit now) all of this experience will hopefully prepare me for my future career and it’s reassured me that I’ve made the right decision with regards to a career in teaching and for someone as indecisive as me, it’s a huge step. I guess, with the great age coming (21), comes great wisdom.


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