Beginning of the End

Tomorrow is the last week of term!!! Still in utter disbelief about how fast my time at university has gone, reading Natasha’s post reminds me of how long but not long ago first year was! Having received our graduation date, this has set the ball rolling in tying up loose ends, whether that be work-related or otherwise.

Amongst all of these final year shenanigans, I’ll be celebrating my 21st birthday this week (yayyyyy partay), two days before a mid-term exam (not so yay). As my last week of normal lectures draw to a close, all I can do is reflect on my time at university and what it means to be an undergraduate student living away from home. I guess it’s a rite of passage for many young people today to experience the ‘student’ life and have a few years on the rollercoaster ride of emotions that is university, before leaving youth behind and getting stuck into the real world (cue lots of crying).

As part of one of the module ‘Communicating Maths’, I had to deliver a presentation that I would give to Year 10 pupils on ‘Career paths secured as a result of doing a Mathematics degree’. We are all told from very early on in our courses, that Maths graduates possess a wide range of skills employers look for. From the research I did, I discovered once more how true this is, and that maths is key to many careers out there in a variety of fields. A particular favourite of mine is the website ‘Maths Careers’. If you would like to see some specific jobs that would suit Maths graduates, then take a look at the website. It seems that Maths graduates are to employers, what sugar is to a pastry chef.

Finally, I’ll leave you with another website that I enjoy visiting and regularly try to figure out which film titles are given by the mathematical symbols/pictures:

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