I completely forgot it’s still holidays

Like a tin of well-known fence paint, this post will be about what the extremely imaginative title suggests. In the midst of (I wish I could say hardcore but that’s definitely pushing it… a lot) revision, I was just thinking about life when I realised, it’s actually still vacation time for the university! With the end of third year drawing, you’ll find that holidays are less for relaxing and more for project/dissertation finishing, not to mention the usual revision for exams.

I haven’t posted for almost a whole month so this only poses questions about my activities over the past four weeks. I spent a lot of time celebrating my birthday (for a good week after) and then proceeded onto hardcore project work for my most enjoyable module – Communicating Maths where I have to complete a detailed reflection on the special project sessions I taught during my school placement. As well as this, you will find that upon your return home for a period longer than 48 hours, then the whole ‘been away at uni’ thing fades and it’s back to the duties you did pre-uni and don’t have a chance to do when (and if) you go home on weekends. I’m talking all of my top five pastimes (hanging out the washing being a possible first…) and a bit of a reality check. It is easy to get caught up in the university bubble and forget that the majority of the non-student population thinks your “early” wake up of 10 am is actually a serious lie-in. Also, there’s the expected meet ups with friends you haven’t seen since Christmas (or maybe even longer!) and this will probably result in a couple to few outings.

That’s two weeks gone and for the past two, I have either been working, revising, working (job working) or (every student’s fave) procrastinating. It’s hard to feel emotional over this exam period being my last when I have five different modules to revise for but I hope you will believe me when I say that I am sad to be leaving soon but more so, feeling more stressed about having exams and a project to do. Anyway, I guess with technically 6 days left of the Easter holidays, I could probably find a few more hours to fit some procrastination in…

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