They think it’s all over…

… it is now!

No I’m not referring to England’s last football match where they were crowned world champions (almost 50 years ago!), or to England’s World Cup 2014 dream being over – you can assume from here on in that nothing else to be mentioned concerns footie – but to my time at university.

I’ve been absent for quite a while on the blogging front for a number of reasons, mainly my final exams and then my final weeks at uni, but now I have handed in my flat keys and moved back home and am now rife with sadness at my student life being over. All this while eagerly anticipating my results and degree classification.

It’s been a wonderful three years, and I look forward to what the next chapter holds. Stay tuned for the coming series of posts reflecting on a few stand outs and what I’ve got planned for the future and graduation, as well as some tips for surviving successful the university experience.

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Pamela graduated from the University of Leicester and is no longer blogging for this site. Pamela was in her third year of university, studying Mathematics with Astronomy. From learning about supermassive black holes to calculating statistical models for big firms, her course really covers anything you could ever imagine that is maths related!

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