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Why was six scared of seven? Because seven eight nine.

It’s always useful to have a go-to joke up your sleeve, especially when the possibility arises (i.e. university) that someone might just randomly ask you one day to ‘tell a joke’ to which you don’t want to be the one who replies ‘I can’t think of any right now’. Speaking from my own experience, I’ve found university life to be inspiring and you will get asked questions you probably don’t have a clue about and you will get asked questions you can answer in a heartbeat.

So, in my penultimate post (all readers shed a tear) I will answer a few quickfire questions to provide some insight into my own undergraduate experience and what it’s been like to study Maths.


Why Maths?

It took me a while to decide what I wanted to do at uni, mainly because I loved every subject but eventually I realised that I would always go to maths first, whether it was homework or revision. The satisfaction that comes from arriving at an answer and seeing a big picture of how each piece fits together is definitely an aspect of maths everyone enjoys! I feel that it’s so integral (no pun intended) to so many things in life and along with my love for space and the universe, I picked Maths with Astronomy.

Biggest challenge during my time at Leicester?

Time management!! Freshers was a crazy time and during my first ever semester at university, I learnt the hard way that if you don’t manage your time effectively, you can waste hours doing things that should’ve been done earlier or quicker. During second year, by taking on a number of commitments, I discovered that 24 hours is more than enough time to do everything you need to do and chill, providing you’ve planned your day properly. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, get a diary (real or virtual) and this will help you organise your life considerably. Also, conceptually some of the modules I’ve done have been difficult, but with some help and extra reading/searching on the internet, these challenges can be overcome.

Plans for after graduation?

Firstly, I’ll be enjoying the summer and doing absolutely nothing but chilling. Then I’ll be combining my love for learning and maths along with my love for organisation and telling people off to train as a secondary school maths teacher. Maths teacher are always needed and if I can encourage others to find their passion for maths, I’ll be a happy ‘Miss’.

Feelings about graduation day?

My graduation ceremony will be happening this Wednesday and as expected, I am currently experiencing a wealth of emotions from nightmares about tripping up the stairs to jubilation about graduating and sadness over my time at university really, definitely, finally coming to an end. It’ll be a lovely day to enjoy with my friends and family and such a great way to end what’s been the most amazing years of my life.

Advice I would give to students moving to Leicester this September for their first year?

Read some of my earlier blog posts – cheeky, but you will find lists about what to bring to university and the essential and non-essential things you will need. See this post in particular. Most importantly, enjoy the summer and being with your friends – make the most of being at home too (you’ll soon miss it if you live out!). If you’ve been sent materials to look over before you start then make sure you do too.

Don’t be scared about coming and not making friends and hopefully the nervousness will be exceeded by excitement. When you come to Leicester, just bring yourself and the attitude to get involved with university life and all the people around, always a recipe for success!

Hopefully I’ve addressed a few final things but if I haven’t, feel free to leave a comment with any questions. Wish me luck for graduation and I’ll see you next for my final, ever student blog post!

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Pamela graduated from the University of Leicester and is no longer blogging for this site. Pamela was in her third year of university, studying Mathematics with Astronomy. From learning about supermassive black holes to calculating statistical models for big firms, her course really covers anything you could ever imagine that is maths related!

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