Freshers Fair – What to look out for

It’s been a hectic week at the university. You know that Fresher’s Fair is in full swing when there’s offers being bombarded at you every second, large queues at the centre of campus and people discovering that two hands is not enough to carry all their bags (I saw someone holding a bag with their teeth).


It’s difficult to take advantage of everything at Fresher’s Fair so here are the main things I think you should pursue:


  • The Dominoes Spinner – A word of warning, you will have to walk past tons of Dominoes advertising at the university (gives you a headache after a while) but look out for the spinner. They will spin the wheel which ranges from prizes such as a free pen to a free Dominoes Pizza. Worth a try right?
  • Signups – At the marquee, almost everyone wants you to sign up for something. This just means giving your email so they can send you cool offers. Probably best if you don’t sign up for everything, otherwise your email will be full of spam.
  • Free stuff – Whether it’s chocolates, pens or vouchers, go to the marquee and get as much as you can get (especially pens so you don’t have to worry about buying more in the future).
  • Societies – The 02 Arena is where it’s at. So many societies for you to sign up to, ones that I didn’t even know existed. It’s definitely worth checking out
  • Sports Club – If your interested in joining a sports society, these can be found in the Student Union

Bonus – One point I wanted to make was with the paintballing offer I recently bought at the marquee. The seller of IPG (International Paintball Group) will always try to sell you 10 tickets for £60. However, with a little talking and disinterest shown, I managed to get a further 10 tickets (no expiration date) and 100 free paintballs per person.


They are willing to  give you an improved deal because essentially, they will make their money on the day, when you pay for things like the deposit and additional paintballs. If you want to do Paintballing at Leicester, keep an eye out for this stand and make sure they give you a better offer.


That’s all for now, let me know in the comments if I missed any cool stuff out.

Signing off


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