Settle in Leicester quickly with a Peer Mentor

I remember my first week at Leicester, I was only focused on one thing, exploring. Who should I be having pre-drinks with, which restaurants should I be eating at.  Sounds fun right? And then more questions arise like “Where can I find something in Leicester? How do I sign up for this activity? What can I do to prepare for my course?”. Okay, don’t be overwhelmed. A Peer Mentor can help you find the answers.


Peer Mentors are well tailored for first year students. They are real life students in a higher year of study, so they have already experienced what first years are going through. Their role is to be a friendly point of contact for people who are new to the city and university. You can ask them questions about Leicester like where are the closest restaurants, how to get to the City Centre, when are the liveliest student nights etc. Of course, you might want to explore some of this yourself but if you need some of the answers quickly, who better to ask than someone who has been through it all? (We don’t want to rely on Google all the time)


You might be thinking that this all just general information and doesn’t help prepare you for your course. Well, think again because the peer mentoring scheme matches students with a mentor studying the same course. This means you will get information on your chosen modules such as what textbooks/resources to use, exam information, if you even want to change courses or modules, your peer mentor can help you with that. See, it’s a great opportunity for you to have that knowledge prior to starting your course.


I am a Peer Mentor for Maths and it’s a great task. I only hold a couple of  meetings over the year with students who have signed up for the scheme and talk about all these different aspects of university (You do not have to attend these meetings). Plus, it goes on my HEAR (an end of year) report and I also have permission to add it to my CV.

If you are interested in the scheme, you can sign up here. Applications open in August.




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