Struggling with Maths? Start going to Peer Support

If you are currently debating on whether to study Maths at Leicester, you may feel nervous about coping with the intensity of the subject. During my first year, I definitely felt the pressure so I decided to attend a class called Peer Support, and it was definitely worthwhile.


At Peer Support, a group of second and third year Math students gather together and support first year students with homework, revision, and Mathematical topics. They will walk around and simply assist those who ask for help. It’s a great option because as well as getting support from students who have been in the same position, you can also ask for extra tips. For example, you can ask which books to use for a specific module or whether a certain lecturer’s notes are good for revision etc. There is also a Peer Support for your Computer Class. This is exactly the same but the Peer Supporters will usually have some experience with computers, so it’s useful if your not confident with using programs such as Excel.


Just to clarify, don’t go to Peer Support with a bunch of homework and expect the helpers to do it for you. Expect them to help you find the answers or tell you which method to use. The amount of times I have seen students walk in and ask for answers is endless (although who can blame them for trying).


Peer Support is usually on 4 times a week and is completely optional. Make the most of it during those hard times!


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