Where to eat on London Road?

If you enjoys eating at restaurants close to the university rather than taking a long 20 minute walk into town (like me), then I’m sure you are aware of London Road? It’s about a 5 minute walk from the university and is full of different styled restaurants. Whether you’re looking to wine and dine or just fancy a takeout, this road is perfect for those days where some quality food is a must (or you just cannot be bothered to cook, like me).

Here are my top 5 favourite places to eat on London Road:


  • A Turkish delight – Fancy some authentic Turkish cuisine? Then Konak is where you must visit! They serve different charcoal grilled Turkish food which I find delicious. Also, you are served some tasty bread and dip as soon as they seat you which is a nice added touch. Do book in advance as it’s packed during the evenings.


  • Some Shimla Spice – One of my favourite Indian restaurants is Shimla Pinks. It’s a Delhi themed restaurant and has a real Delhi feel to it. The food consists of classic curry’s and very traditional Asian food. Additionally, it has won Restaurant of the Year 2016 so it is definitely worth visiting.


  • The Italian touch – If you’re looking for some classic Italian pasta, go to OGGI. It’s a very cosy restaurant and is perfect for when you need a place that feels comfortable. Also, the pasta dishes are delicious!


  • Food made in heaven – For those people with a sweet tooth, make sure you go to Heavenly Deserts. They offer over 60 unique dishes and it’s gets your taste buds tingling.


  • Just a classic takeout – Of course, there are days when you just need some good old fashioned takeout food. On London Road, you will find a Dominoes, Subway and Pizza Hut. My favourite has to be subway (as it’s the cheapest).


These are my favourite five places to eat on London Road, let me know in the comments if there’s anywhere else I need to visit. I live on London Road so I am literally eating there all the time, and you probably will be too.

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