Dealing with the neighbor next door

Last Friday at approximately 1am, I was trying to get some sleep in preparation for an early start on Saturday. However, constant noise and disturbance from a party upstairs woke me up.  Then, at 3am, the fire alarm goes off! There flew my chances of getting a good nights sleep.


We could all use a party now and then but when they happen on those nights where some quiet is needed, it’s really not all that fun. Your flatmates should respect your wishes, just as you should respect theirs. If you are dealing with a noisy flatmate and this is affecting your living standards, here are a few pointers on how you can smoothly handle the situation.


  • Ask them politely – Yes, this is fairly obvious but a considerate flatmate will understand. It’s scary sometimes to feel like the party pooper and ask everyone to keep the noise down. However, why should you suffer so that they can have all the fun?
  • Recommend another location – In case you haven’t noticed, there are lots of venues that can host a good party in Leicester. If your flatmates want to dance, recommend a nightclub. If they want to have a drink, tell them to go to the local pub.
  • Ask for a warning – If your flatmate promises to keep the noise down next time, they should at least give you reasonable notice as to when the party will happen. That way, you can tell them whether this date will be okay and what noise level you can cope with.
  • Close the door – People forget this all the time, yet it makes a huge difference when you don’t have to hear loud, constant chatter.
  • Report them – If they still fail to meet your fair standards, report them to the landlord or your letting agency. It can be hard to do this to a friend but like I said before, why should you suffer?


I had to report one of my flatmates this week for the disturbance they cause. It’s not the best feeling but the incident ruined my weekend and I had to ensure that it would not happen again. Hope this blog comes in handy, especially during those exam times when you need peace and quiet.

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