Exploring Highcross

At the heart of Leicester City Centre lies a very popular shopping centre. Whether you’re looking for those warm winter clothes or fancy restaurants to dine at, Highcross has it all. What always attracts me there are the fashion shops, there’s a variety of them to suit your needs. My number one concern is normally the pricing but sometimes, I am more concerned about quality, reputation or just my shopping instincts. I find that these 5 shops always meet my expectations:


  • AllSaints – To be honest, their price range is not contained in the average student’s budget but the quality of their clothing’s are magnificent. If you are looking to splash out some money on fancy clothes, head to the second floor on Highcross
  • JD Sports – Just your classical sports shop, but I didn’t want to leave it out as their products come in handy for my gym days. You can find this on the ground floor
  • Zara – From casual wear to classic ranges, this is one to look out for. I’ve spent about £100 already this year at Zara’s
  • John Lewis – Probably the biggest store in Highcross, and they’ve got everything! I find the prices reasonable too. Located on the third floor
  • Superdry – Awesome place to shop! I buy my hoodies and track bottoms from here because they are just so warm


That’s my top five favorite fashion shops at Highcross. If you think there is another store worth mentioning, be sure to write them in the comments.






Overview of Highcross

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