Where to revise at the university?

Christmas is approaching and for me, that can only mean one thing: time to push ourselves and finish off coursework, assignments or anything that can prevent us from having a stress free holiday. Now of course, we all have our own places to revise. Whether it’s your home or local coffee shop, there’s no denying that some days we have to work at the university. With that in mind, it can be hard to find the environment that is suitable for your revision plan. What type of revision are you looking to do?


  • Silent revision – Of course, we need some independent time every once in a while. The library silent rooms are pretty much perfect for this, located on every floor.


  • Group work – Again, the library group rooms are perfect for this. You can reserve a room for up to 2 hours and each room comes with a large monitor (some even have a whiteboard). Most rooms can fit approximately 10 people in. There are also study tables on the third floor where you can talk to others.


  • Computer work – On busy days, the library computers are all taken and nobody wants to stand around waiting for one, right? My favorite spot is the Adrian computer rooms as most days, they are available and there’s always some free computers. However, if a class needs to use them and there’s not enough, you will have to leave (although I’ve never came across this problem).


  • Revision without being followed – Sometimes it’s hard to do silent revision in the library where most people will find and distract me. So if you want to be a ghost for a while, head to any of the rooms in Adrian , Bennett, or Attenborough, you will not be found there. Again, if a class has booked the room, you may have to leave.


  • Revision and food – Feeling hungry for food and revision? The library cafe is the best place to eat and revise. The Student Union is also a good choice, although it can get loud in there sometimes.


Of course, there are more buildings to explore but I find that these ones do the job. To be honest, most people will just work in the library, but did you know that it’s good to change your revision locations every once in a while? It helps you learn information more efficiently (according to Google).


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