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With Christmas now over, it’s time to get our heads down… and play with our Christmas presents! Of course, this is what I want to do but the constant reminder that exams are approaching makes my holidays jam packed with revision. So if you have a January exam coming up, have a look at these revision tips to help you achieve the best possible result:


  • Practice, Practice, PRACTICE –  Past homework’s and surgeries present a chance for you to look back on your work and correct any mistakes. Also, I find previous exam papers are extremely useful to try some questions.


  • Memory efficiency –  If there is some information you need to remember for the exam, I find that sketching the scenario really, really helps you understand what you’re trying to learn. Also, read each line and try to fully understand it before you move on. Once you understand something, it becomes easier to remember.


  • Make use of Blackboard – You have access to recorded lectures and all the notes. It will be difficult to find better related material.
  • No late nights – I say this because late working nights can break your carefully planned revision cycle. Do your study in appropriate time frames, this will ensure you are ready to go again the next day without delay.


  • Be kind to yourself – No fasting or limiting your sleep, this will just increase stress levels. If you have a bad revision day, chill. Take a break and start again when you’re ready.


  • Be realistic – What mark are you looking to get on each module? If you are saying something like “100%”, you are likely going to face disbelief when revising. Setting a realistic goal will help keep your motivation up when you feel like giving up.


And that’s my revision guide. To everyone who has January exams, I wish you the best of luck. Lets go guys, we’re almost there!



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