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Hello all, I hope that the new year has started smoothly for everyone. I have a good feeling that this year will be different (like every year). This year, I decided to visit the temple and perform a small prayer for my exams (which have not gone too bad) and I was surprised as to how many temples are in Leicester. In fact, I did some research and discovered that there are many religious buildings in Leicester:


Hindu Temple’s – There are two located near the train station on London Road. However, if you prefer to go to a larger temple, there is one on St Barnabas Rd which is approximately a 30 minute walk from the City Centre.


Gurdwara – There is a large Gurdwara near the city centre named the Guru Nanak Gurdwara. If you prefer to be close to the University, there is a Leicester Sikh Centre about a ten minute walk from UOL.


Mosques – There are two Mosques located near Abbey Park. Around the University, there is an Islamic Centre which is approximately a twenty minute walk. If you are required to make daily prayers, you can do so in the Charles Wilson building on campus as the Islamic Society have a prayer room booked everyday.


Buddhist temple – There are four Buddhist temples in Leicester, all in different locations. The one I notice everyday is a temple titled “Meditation Classes in Leicester” which is close to Abbey Park.


Churches – There are many Churches in Leicester. Three of them are located near Granby Street and two others are near the University which are about a ten minute walk. In total, there are approximately ten churches in Leicester.


I hope this will be useful to those who are curious about religious buildings in Leicester. If you have any questions or if I haven’t listed a building above that you want some information about, leave me a comment.


Enjoy your week,



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