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If you are thinking of coming to Leicester University and you live in a different city, it’s likely that you will be moving out so accommodation is a priority. It’s important to have an idea of your living standards and expectations.

Do you want to be catered or self catered? Would you prefer to live with other students or by yourself? How close do you want to be to the university? How much are you willing to pay? Hopefully, these popular choices will aid you in your decision:


  • Oadby Student Village – If you are a new student and want to explore the social aspects of university, then halls is the right choice for you. Oadby is the centre of all the action. You will meet your new flatmates and together, you can explore the city of Leicester. There are also events taking place everyday at Oadby. For me, what inspired me to live here was the option of being catered. However, be warned that sometimes, the bus journeys to university could take as long as half an hour in mornings. Not to mention the fact that you are likely to buy a buss pass (which for the whole year, are approximately £300).


  • Sulets – A very popular accommodation choice. Sulets rent out studio’s and flats, most of them located on London Road; a ten minute walk from the university. The studio’s are excellent for those who would prefer to live alone or with a friend in a quiet area. My only problem is maintenance, it is not as reliable as it is in Oadby. For example, it took Sulets 12 hours to turn off a fire alarm whereas it took Oadby half an hour


  • WestManor Living, The Student Hideout – Located in the city centre, I have not lived here but it gets amazing reviews from students. Firstly, there is so much cool stuff in the building. They have a cinema room, a game room, even their own small gym! The accommodation itself is very updated and new. Personally, I think the rooms are great for me but if you want to see for yourself, I recommend booking a visit day with WestManor. You also have the option of getting a double room to live with friend. The downside of this accommodation is it’s a 20 minute walk from the university.


  • A house – Of course, you could just rent house off a private landlord. Each house would come with it’s own advantages and disadvantages for you to assess and there are many available all around Leicester. The good thing about a house is you can live with many friends of your choosing. A disadvantage is unlike student accommodations, you are responsible for paying your bills. Just remember to do your research first. That means viewing the place, thoroughly checking the contract etc.


  • Opal Court – A very popular choice for anyone. Opal Court is a student managed accommodation very similar to Oadby but it is a 5 minute walk to the university. They also allow students to apply as a group so you can decide who you live with. One other feature that you my appreciate is that any loud noise after 11pm is stopped by the staff so you don’t have to worry about being disturbed the night before your exam. However, Opal is a little isolated with there being no local shops around (although there is a Subway right next door) so you will have to walk approximately 10 minutes for your food shopping.


Of course, there are many other places such as Nixon, Freeman’s Common etc. But in my personal opinion, these 5 are the best. Try to get a viewing of your accommodation before you choose it, you don’t want to end up regretting your decision.


Good luck,



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