10 credit modules vs 20 credit modules

Being the only person to pick two 10 credit modules instead of one within my circle of friends, I was worried that this might mean more effort required. However, after a couple of weeks into my modules, I’ve realized that it is beneficial to me specifically.


Firstly, if you are someone who prefers coursework over exams, you may want to pick some ten credit modules that don’t have an exam. All 20 credits I’ve done so far come with a final examination and I just can’t stand them. Also, as someone who studies Maths Bsc, I hate Maths. OK, that’s an exaggeration but I prefer the modules that involve something different like computer work or real life business problems, things don’t involve complex Maths. In second year, you have the option to choose these type of modules. I chose Business and Econometrics, neither of them have an exam.


Regarding the workload, it may not necessarily be higher because remember, 20 credit modules may involve more content. However, if your module has no exam, it’s likely that you will be busier than your peers during the term, completing coursework and assignments. Now of course, with a 20 credit module, you will have less modules to study which might be easier to cope with. But don’t assume that it will be less work than choosing a 10 credit module. In fact, one 20 credit module I’m doing this year (differential equations) includes homework every week!


Remember, if you don’t like what module you’ve picked, then you can change within the first week of term. Just get in touch with College House and they can support you with this.


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