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We all know somebody who makes a new years resolution to go to the gym for whatever reasons. Well, it’s currently February, and I am still waking up at 7am frequently to hit the weights. Only 11 more months left! It’s a great feeling when you leave the gym knowing that you’ve produced an exhilarating workout. For those of you who haven’t experienced this feeling, perhaps it’s time to set some training goals. Perfect! Only question now is, where do you perform your workout?


  • University gym – If you are going to UOL daily, then this will be a handy option. After a hard day of revision, some time spent at the nearby gym will relieve that stress. There is also a 25 metre swimming pool with extra facilities like a sauna and steamer room. However, be warned that during evenings, it’s very busy.


  • Pure Gym – With one located on London Road and the other in the centre of town, Pure Gym is great if you’re looking to have cardio or weights workouts. It’s also cheaper than the UOL gym, with prices starting at £14.99 a month. And how can I forget, they offer a variety of public classes as part of the membership.


  • Oadby Gym – Perfect for students living in halls! The Oadby gym is a 5 minute walk from halls and there is lots to do. Of course, you have the standard gym but there is also a large pool with a Jacuzzi. Additionally, there is a large court opposite the gym for games like football or rugby.


  • 1st Leigon Fighters Gym – If you’re looking to do some intense training, this gym is excellent. It’s very old school with a feeling of that classic boxing environment. There are punch bags, pads, a large boxing ring and lots of equipment to work with. They also offer classes as part of your membership so you can join with a group of people and work on your fighting skills. You can choose Boxing, MMA, Jiu Jitsu and more.


  • Spirit Health Club – I’ve never been to this place but from reviews, I can gather that they have a standard gym with a swimming pool and all the extra facilities such as a Jacuzzi. If you’re living in the City Centre, this will be a short walk for you.


Of course, there are so many places to get your training game on but it depends on what type of training you’re looking for, along with prices, distance etc. Now, lets get to work!


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