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If you are fascinated with Business applications of Maths like I am, you will probably be choosing the business related modules. These type of modules involve less complex Mathematics and demand you to think practically as if you were in a real business environment. I think this appears like a fun challenge but as some students find out the hard way, these modules is not their cup of tea. Luckily for you, I’m going to summarize what this module offers so you have enough information to decide whether its for you or not.


  • Excel – Friend or enemy? It’s the one software program you will be using for most of the module. In fact, the module involves a lot of computer work so when using excel, you should be familiar with generally using it but it would be handy to know some inbuilt Excel functions and formulas. Be sure to make Excel your best friend.


  • Are you a solo strategist or a team player? Throughout this module, you will be working in teams for most assignments. And before you get excited, these teams are randomized so you cannot be with your friends. I’ve found this difficult as there have been decision conflicts with teammates at times but I guess this gives a realistic experience of working in a business. It certainly helps you build your team working and leadership skills.


  • Unclear situations. Most assignments you are given don’t actually define the problem clearly. At times, I’m thinking, “What do they want me to do”. Understanding your situation and task is the hardest part of the assignments and it requires a bit of thinking and communication with your team.


  • The Maths is not difficult. Compared to Calculus and Algebra, the Math is very straightforward and just requires a few formulas (usually). However, if you’ve misinterpreted the problem, the Maths will be incorrect.


Personally, I believe if you are thinking of going into business in the future, make sure you pick these type of modules. They will enhance your business, team working and IT skills, all essential for a business environment. If you want some more information on the module, let me know in the comments and I will happily provide.


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