Are you interested in volunteering?

So since the start of 2018, I’ve been itching to participate in new experiences. In 2017, I always felt that I lacked contribution towards the happiness or general well being of others. Ever had a desire to give back to others but there was always something in the way? For me, I didn’t know exactly who I wanted to help or how I could lend my support. That’s when I made the decision to volunteer with a food bank based in Leicester: The Bridge.


It’s crazy how many volunteering opportunities I’ve stumbled across in Leicester and now, I am confident that I’ve selected the one that gives me fulfillment.¬† Now, if you have not volunteered in the past, you probably have a hundred questions, such as, “Do I want to become a volunteer”, “What am I interested in doing”, “What will give me the most satisfaction” etc. The only way to answer these questions is to get out there and explore. The information I will provide below will give you a stepping stone to knowing what is available out there.


  • The Bridge – It took me about a month to start working with “The Bridge”. They are a food bank based on Melton Rd and they run food services everyday, feeding those who are homeless or struggling for food. The reason this place works for me is it allows me to practically help and witness the difference I am making. It’s also extended my gratitude towards life, I never really appreciated having a home before.


  • Nightline – This is a student run service that operates between 8pm – 8am everyday during term time. The volunteers will simply listen and speak to those who call and want to talk about anything. I guess sometimes, we all need to vent out our problems to someone right?


  • Over The Wall – This organisation¬†provides free of charge residential activity camps for children and teenagers living with health challenges. If you are looking to support young people and have a fun experience, do look into this company.


  • Coping with Cancer – This company is based in Leicestershire and provide practical and emotional support to anyone who has been affected by cancer.


There are tons of additional volunteering opportunities on the MyCareers website:

Most of these companies have a website too so it is easy to find out more information and get in touch. I hope you find the right place for you.


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    Hi Leon, great to hear about your volunteering. Did you know that you can get recognition for your volunteering by logging it with the Career Development Service through our website:

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