What company will I end up working for?

My fellow Math students, as you get closer to the end of another action packed year, it’s time to start thinking about what type of career you want to pursue. If you already know what you want to do, who you want to work for and how you are going to get there, congratulations! I wish the same could be said about me. I have no idea about any of these things, so I began researching what companies a Math’s graduate could potentially join. This answers the ‘who’ part at least.


  • AON – If a career in actuarial or pension schemes sounds appealing, consider AON. They have been operating for over 60 years and are fast growing in their industries. Sumer Internships are also offered.


  • Mazars – Mazars is an independent organisation, specializing in audit, advisory, accounting and tax services. They operate in over 75 countries and are named one of the top ten accountancy firms within the UK.


  • Teach First – The job role is self explanatory but Teach First are attractive to many students, particularly because they have many summer internships to offer. They work all over the UK too.


  • HSBC – The banking industry is always calling out to me and HSBC is one of the largest banks in the UK.  Whether it’s commercial, investment or private banking you are interested in, HSBC is the big one.


  • Murphey Surveys – This company has been out there for 30 years, are based all around the UK and have many different surveying options such as monitoring, tunnels, railways, rivers, measured building surveys, utility etc.


So that’s just a few off the bat, at least there are definitely some places out there that I can join after University. Right, back to more research I guess.




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