Easter Holidays – Revise or Relax

After a soothing two week holiday in India, I’m back to blogging and boy, do I feel refreshed. This holiday was a necessity but it has taken up half of my revision time. This got me thinking whether the trip was worth it in the end. Do you think we should relax or revise?


Why relax


  • Break your routine – Have you ever craved a break from your usual routine? It feels great to just ditch your responsibilities for a while and then return feeling fresh.


  • Happiness – We are often so buried in our work that we forget how exhilarating it feels to be happy. We need some joy every now and then.


  • Name a better time –  You may be thinking “Summer Holidays” but some of us have internships, commitments etc. I feel like in the Easter holidays, there is nothing apart from our studies keeping us focused but like I said before, we deserve a break.


  • New experiences – Being bored makes it difficult to stay motivated but something different gives me the energy to work again.


Why revise?


  • Chance to catch up – It’s hard to go back over old material during the term as you are still learning new content.


  • So much time – No lectures gives us a ton of time. Would we rather waste it or use it efficiently?


  • Exams are approaching – Naturally, we tend to revise more as the exam dates get closer.


I think there’s a balance for everyone. For me, one week of rest should be enough, then three weeks devoted to revision. I am starting to regret my two week holiday as I have come back to a huge pile of work. So without further ado, I will end this blog and begin my revision. Wish me luck.


Signing off,


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