The sun is here! But where am I?

Right now, I feel depressed. I mean how often does the weather in England get as fabulous as this, yet I am stuck in the library revising and finishing off coursework. I want to go outside and play!


In fact, the sun has changed the atmosphere around the uni and Leicester. Victoria Park is now packed with students eating, playing, chilling, even revising (which I cannot do if I want to revise productively). There are two ice cream vans now parked just outside College House and people have been queuing up like there’s no tomorrow. The general environment has changed too, people have their summer clothes on and everything just feels relaxing. I left my T-shirts and shorts back in Coventry so I need to grab those quickly before the inevitable rains return.


One good thing about the UOL library is you do not feel the warmth of the sun whereas I hear from students at DMU that in their library, it’s very stuffy. But honestly, the DMU library is much quieter compared to UOL. In fact, when I walked towards Bede Park which is near DMU, it was so packed that I could not see anywhere to sit, even on the grass! And most students were not revising. So I guess that’s a sign that us UOL students have the willpower to see our exam periods through professionally, then play hard at the end And that’s exactly what I’m going to do… I hope?


Wish me luck,


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