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When I’m in full on revision mode, I can smash through past papers as if it’s no different to breathing. And when I’m in relaxation mode, I can watch football from morning to night. Today is Saturday and it’s almost time for the Liverpool vs Stoke City kick off (come on Mo Salah). If being a spectator is also your relaxation technique, here are some sporting events in Leicester that are upcoming:


  • Varsity – The current score for Leicester against DMU is 35 – 21 respectively. With the rugby match due to take place next Monday, we can officialy crown ourselves as champions of another spectacular season. Show your support and get your tickets here:


  • Football – Leicester FC face Crystal Place away at 15:00 today.  Leicester FC are currently 9th in the table, this season is without a shadow of a doubt, a step back in the right direction. The title next year is the target, right Leicester supporters?


  • Basketball – In case you still haven’t heard, Leicester Riders lifted the BB (British Basketball) trophy on April 20th for the third consecutive season. Now if that’s not impressive, then what is?


  • Rugby – A marginal loss for Leicester Tigers yesterday with a score of 23-25 against Newcastle. This keeps us at 5th position in the table.


That’s your sporting update, we can all be excitied for UOL to defeat DMU yet agin. #UOLForLife.


Signing off,


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