Back to Coventry without an internship

Since arriving back home, I have been constantly pressured by family to look for something to do, I guess they are not happy that I’m excessively relaxing. It feels a little disappointing to not have an internship but the truth is, I was unsure of what to do during second year and therefore, I did not bother applying. Maybe during these next few months I can figure out which industry I want to go into.


If you are in the same boat as me, let me tell you what I do to keep myself busy during the holidays:


  • Gym – The best distraction for me, plus you are being productive. Surely parents cannot criticise you for working on your body?


  • Eat – Since I am underweight, this aligns well with my gym goals. I’ve not got much else to do so I eat much more than when I did in Leicester.


  • House jobs – Cleaning, making dinner, blah blah. It’s boring work but again, my parents are happh when I’m helping out.


  • Chilling with siblings – I have become much closer with my 7 year old sister now that I dedicate more time to playing with her. But seriously, playing with Barbie dolls everyday can get reallllly annoying!


  • World cup (soon) – You don’t have to be a football fan to support your country. But since I love football, I will be binge watching it!


This doesn’t mean that I don’t get the occasional boredom. Most of my Coventry friends are still at university so if you are reading this, please give me an idea of something to do. Anything. Literally anything!



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