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England’s World Cup campaign finally kicks off today and after seeing some very unpredictable performances already, I think this could be anybody’s game.


The World Cup has come at a perfect time for me. I have no job and no exams so if I can literally watch all the games. But of course, I have been waiting for England and today, we kick off at last.


England’s have great youth in the team which means pacey and skilful players. We’ve especially got a fierce attack but lets hope that Harry Kane can deliver for us like he did for Spurs. In addition, I like what I’ve seen in the training sessions. Everyone looks relaxed which suggests the occasion is not too much for them.


However, I do worry about the quality in the team. For me, Harry Kane is the only world class player and we don’t have many players at their prime. I also fear the case that we do not score the opening goal as Tunisia will likely sit behind the ball and during the Euro’s 2016, England struggled to break teams down playing like this, especially that devastating loss to Iceland.


Of course though, I am rooting for our boys and predict a 2-1 result with Kane to score. What do you think the score will be? And let me know your thoughts on the World Cup so far.

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