Coming home?

After 52 years of endless waiting and watching, could the trophy be on route to England? I don’t know what it is but there seems to be a real belief in the streets of England that it really is coming home.


From watching England, it’s obvious that we have a squad that is young but hugely talented. For me, the defence has impressed me more than anything. Harry Maguire, such a strong centre back but is also attacking minded. He can run out with the ball from the back and of course, he is the danger man from corners. Shout out to Jordan Pickford too, I admire how he passes the ball rather than belting it upfield. Plus, he is a solid goalkeeper, a position that many teams have had problems with in this World Cup.


I could sit here all day and praise the midfield and attack because they have been exceptional. However, one thing to note is Croatia will be our first extremely challenging game (excluding the calmer Belgium¬† game). We are facing a couple of World Class players, but it should not faze England. This year, the draw has definitely been in our favour. There is also an incredible spirit among England fans and it feels like it is transferring onto the players. If we defeat Croatia, I am certain that there will be chaos in the country (not that there already isn’t).


To defeat Croatia, my opinion is England must be positive going forward. Sterling is critical for running at the back line, the fall backs should push up when they can, Henderson should always look for that long pass etc. Because when England play like this, they have so many threats to offer. However, one key player I’m sure the manager will be stressing is Luka Modric. He’s an absolute genius in that midfield and we will have to limit his time on the ball.


If we beat Croatia, I will be watching an England World Cup Final in Prauge while on holiday. And if England (not to jinx it) do win the World Cup, Budweiser will offer free beer to the nation. Crack em open,¬† it’s coming home!

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